Understanding Axial Fans

The name

  •     Axial fans are so named as they blow air linearly, along the axis of the fan.  The blades of the axial fan force air to move parallel to the shaft rotating the blades.
  •     Axial fans are also known as impellers.



  •     Axial fans are used in a wide variety of applications, in small and large equipment.
  •     Small axial cooling fans found in electronic devices, such as desk top computers.
  •     Larger axial fans are used in commercial and industrial applications, such as mining equipment and the heating and cooling systems of multi story buildings.



 Axial fans are made up of blades, hubs and centre bosses:

  •     Blades.  Different blade profiles impact on the efficiency and noise output of the fan
  •     Hubs.  Hubs attached the blade to the centre bosses.
  •     Centre boss.  Centre bosses attached the hub to the shaft.



  •     Interchangeable components enable custom design for optimal results in varying applications.
  •     Design flexibility enables key performance requirements to be met in areas including noise reduction, air flow, static pressure and fuel consumption.
  •     The wide range of materials the blades, hubs and centre bosses are made guarantee safety and longevity requirements are met.